Sunday, 22 June 2008

Mountain attempt

An attempt at painting mountains ...... not so successful, it took 2 hours to get it to where it is - must remember to try this again some day but nonetheless I like the effect of the houses lining the bottom.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

dino passion

the way I have been involved with dinosuars in this projects makes me question whether it was obsession or a passion but one person left a comment simply saying: 'Have you considered being a vet.'

Disappearing landscape

THis was again from the train ride from Bournemouth with the warm light and the speed of the train represented through the trailing disappearing landscape.

japanese gardens

on my wall above my bed I have a collage of photocopied gardens and landscapes integrated with inspiring paintings by people such as Fredrick church. This picture is from sitting in front of it focusing on a particular image of a Japanese garden which stood out as very idyllic.


taken from a picture while traveling on a train from bournemouth. The light was amazing on the trees with a very orange glow.

My dad

another source of drawing opportunity is when someone is watching the tv. A regular occurrence in our house means people are still fro at least fifteen minutes before a commerical break. The only down side is that everyone looks bored.

The dude

the dude......our big white boxer who is a constant drawing opportunity - especially when sleeping. This is one of the few times he was siting still while still awake.