Monday, 26 September 2011

Artist Statement

I am a painter infatuated with science which forms the basis of most of my work. I paint to expand my own knowledge of science as well as that of the viewer through my watercolour paintings. I look for that moment of realisation, when science offers an explanation as to how our world works.

I enjoy the delicate way of painting with watercolours which is very organic, a building up of paint which relates to the growth and building of cells. Most recently I have been taking inspiration from under the microscope collaborating with life scientists.

I begin a piece by looking for an iconic item then studying the cellular images to merge them together and create a striking work. The chance to learn and grow motivates me to keep painting. The subject of science is always new and changing and offers limitless inspiration.


I was born in Boston in 1989. I was initially inspired by the wilderness which was so prevalent and immediate. My grandmother enjoyed painting nature and taught me how to appreciate the little ‘miracles’ and spectacles that happened every day. Moving to London in 1999 I was introduced to the vastness of the world and different cultures. My parents were very interested in science and constantly engaging me in discussions and research. This took more form as I started to move my work towards what I enjoyed as I was given more freedom at the University of Westminster studying illustration. I have worked to organise and curate exhibitions in London and run a small art collective with previous students. I am touring an exhibition ‘Broad Vision’ which is collaboration between scientists, illustrators and photographers and showing this in the Margate Photography Festival in August.

Monday, 5 September 2011


This is a rare post, no pictures. So I am stuck at a crossroads after university. I need to create some paintings growing from what I've achieved so far. I have that intense pressure that it must be better, bigger and launch me even more than what I have done so fare, more professionalism. This pressure has stalled anything creative. Unfortunate but inevitable. So I am sitting at my computer now, trying to concentrate on what to do next. I've got plenty of ideas but motivating them onto the page is hard. I'll try and keep this blog more updated too.