Thursday, 25 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010


Random landscapes but very much liked...

Finding images

Working on finding images to use for the front covers, I'm hoping I can repeat these images onto the texture of before while working on clearer text.

First covers...

Starting to plan how the covers will look. I liked the fact that the writing looked embossed. I hope it intrigues the reader enough while standing out but I need to make the writing more clear and easier to read.

I chose to use 'Love and Mr. Lewisham', 'A History of Mr. Polly' and 'Tono-bungay' because I hoped these all feel within the identity theme I was hoping to follow.

Idea Hopeful

The main idea for the front covers of a selection of H G Wells books. What I got from the books was that they were very much about identity and the changing or loss of this. Also, Wells presents the world from the view of the characters as very stiff and dignified so I used the stiff texture and cut out the main figure, making it recede.

Hoped it is clear enough to interest someone to read the book.... catching the eye of the reader seems to be more of a challenge if I want to stick to muted colours and textures that I enjoy.

Initial experiments

Getting back into watercolours which I love! Trying to experiment with the textures I used over the summer. This is made with modelling paste which is alot better than the arylic I used in the summer with watercolour painting over. Then I sanded down the picture to get a hazy effect. Definitely happy with it!