Saturday, 20 March 2010

A couple of experiments

A couple of exeriments with style.

The Vespera Start

I met Kathleen Sullivan, an author in New York who has written a book about the adventures of Shameece, a girl in a world governed by the powers of truth and deceit. She has asked tat I do some black and white illustrations for the chapters within the book and a map which I have made as my final project. The first images I've been working on recently is the initial setting the scene to get the mood and style for the rest of the book.

This image is a small pen drawing which will hopefully be turned into an etching later on.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tono-Bungay, kind of

Might be the cover, but I would love to add more colours to the sky.

Mr. Polly, maybe

Might be the cover of Mr. Polly but the figure looks like he is floating a bit too much.

Love and Mr Lewisham, hopefully

Might be the final image on the front cover of Mr. Lewisham now that I am happier with the arch than I was before.

small drawing

Small drawing of a scene in the Irish dunes.