Saturday, 25 April 2009

Sing a song of sixpence was the nursery rhyme I chose for my semester project. I tried to use Ronald Searle type inky birds over textured acrylic backgrounds to give an edgy feel to the rhyme.

Friday, 24 April 2009


Tried using the paper that we use to prepare the drypoint on and overlaying it with the final image - the result was a kind of window for the etch. Might go back to this one day...

A stab at editorial illustration, maybe not too successful yet but was definitely a good experience and I'm really liking the very quick deadlines which need really witty and quick thinking.


My creature of sin. Using all my previous experiences of how guilt made me feel i applied them to the human skeleton and muscle forms to get this little guy...

definitely a little creepy conclusion.

Medical brown paper

I really loved working on brown paper ( I know it sounds strange) but it was interesting to see how colours popped out. I also have found a little interest in medical illustration, it involves so much interesting knowledge that keeps it really interesting.