Monday, 26 April 2010

Title page

the Iglot's ravens

Playing with the borders a bit by placing them perched on the edge with a bit of out of control paint leading off out of the border.

a rough mountain

A very rough, meant to be unstable looking landscape as it is meant to build some tension before the final scene.

Shameece and Meer

When Shameece meets the books equivalent of mother nature, Meer, in the form of a wolf. The tilted head of the wolf was meant to look curious but these images may have a little more work to do...

Oak and Shameece

This is the moment when Shameece, the main character, copies the form of the Oak tree outside her cave. She copies his form exactly and talking with him is very calming which is why I have left it very simple. Meant to be a double page spread.

Cave scene

Running into the cave. I really enjoyed making the cave texture and the figure hopefully fits well to explain the scene.

Iglot final

This may be the final image. Slightly obscured face is a bit unnerving hopefully and the composition leaves a lot of black space to think in.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

losing control of the paint

Although the outcome looks a bit too pretty and not unpredictable and uncontrollable as I had hoped...

Beginning to enjoy again...

I was struggling a bit with the working in style with these drawings but I'm starting to to find ways of working. I'm hoping to create a mini narrative within the drawings which show a loss in the control of the paint as the fear in the novel increases in the central character and as the dark forces begin to take over the world. Fingers crossed this is the right way to go.