Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Infinite Monkey Therom

The final chapter illustrates infinity in a familiar thought experiment. More to come as I finish drawing it....

Birds of Paradise

Really enjoyed drawing something light, such as the birds of paradise. Made as part of professorial practice they are part of an illusion experiment where you take a picture of a cage and a bird, attach back to back and on top of a pencil. When you roll the pencil between your hands quickly, the images of the bird and the cage merge and it appears as if the bird is inside the cage.

Maxwell's Demon

These are images from the second chapter of my final project. They try and show the quite abstract thought experiment of Maxwell's demon which involves a demon separating a container into hot and cold particles so demonstrating one of the laws of thermodynamics.
These are double page spreads trying to use the crease in the page to effect to interact with the illustrations.


Very little updates recently as I have been working tons on layout designs etc. But alongside the final major project I am exhibiting with a group of scientists next month and working on the theme of microscopy. I'm sketching bone and buttercup cells and contrasting/comparing their close up and real eye view.

Large watercolour paintings to come...